43 years ago today » concert for bangladeshaugust 1, 1971

"i think the most memorable thing, really, was the fact that is came off and that it worked because there was very little time preceding the concert, to organize it. the concert happened to be on august the 1st because that was  the only day madison square garden was available. so it was pure coincidence. and all the people that were assembled there with very short notice, very little rehearsal in come cases there was no rehearsal. i managed to do a little bit with the horn players and with the rhythm section but that was the main thing, that it actually worked." -george harrison 


John Lennon, 1964


Favorite colored photos of Paul McCartney

"I’m pleased with how ridiculous I am. I like me. Though I’m not a huge fan. I know when to switch me off." - Robert Plant


Freddie talking about songwriting in Queen during an interview with Bob Harris, 1977.