"Search for Beatles fans in Liverpool snap taken over 50 years ago."

The search is on for six early fans of the Beatles captured in a photograph more than 50 years ago.

The six girls were pictured with the fab four at St John’s Hall in Tuebrook, Liverpool in 1961, the first date when the group returned from playing The Star Club in Hamburg.

The negative of this image was given to Stephen Bailey who has managed The Beatles Shop in Mathew Street for 28 years.”

An amazing NEW photo. I’ve met mr. Bailey on a few occasion. It was VERY nice of him to share.


Magical Mystery Tour, 1967.


this was real footage and you can’t convince me otherwise


"July 24, 1968 - Paul, George and John were on hand for the launch of “Juniper”, Pattie’s Art Nouveau stall in the Chelsea antique market. Pattie travelled around finding interesting art pieces to sell and Jenny assisted her as sales girl. They soon lost interest though.

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"It doesn’t matter about people not liking our records, or not liking the way we look, or what we say. You know, they’re entitled to not like us. And we’re entitled not to have anything to do with them if we don’t want to…" [x]


John stole a chair for Jule c::