Linda McCartney. 1967.

Photographer: Jim Morrison

From  “SIXTIES, Portrait of an Era” by Linda McCartney

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Can You Not: A John Lennon Story



Feb. 1981. Montserrat.

"These are two people kissing me: it looks like Paul and Linda.

I can even recognise them without their heads! Who took these shots? They are the worst shots ever; nobody’s got a head!
My friendship with Paul goes way back. He was in that band we put together with John and George. I don’t know why they were kissing me. Maybe they just couldn’t help themselves. I’m dressed really smartly here, look at this: a tie with a pin.”

-From Photograph. Page 293.

Okay I have to read my huge copy of this book but I’m afraid to even touch it


Paul McCartney


no other song is “this generation’s bohemian rhapsody”

bohemian rhapsody is every generation’s bohemian rhapsody


Nowhere Boy (2009)

"Is nowhere full of geniuses, sir? Because then I do probably belong there."


January 23, 1969